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Smithfields London


GRH Solutions Ltd is very pleased to announce that we was awarded the full plumbing and mechanical installations to Smithfields London.



GRH Solutions Limited carried out the stripout of redundant services, installation of new 6" welded chilled water connections & insulation to 3No  new chillers, this also included the installation of a new ENWA side stream filter, and correction of the existing dosing pot connections across the main headers. We would like to thank the team at NBC for awarding us this project, and working closely with the RCL team.

Main Contractor: GRH Solutions
GRH solutions Limited Contact: NBC/RCL
GRH Solutions Limited Operatives: 6
GRH Solutions Limited Contract Value: £60,000.00


Key Points:


  • Chilled Water Services
  • Welding & Prefab
  • Pipe Insulation
All work was completed to schedule and an exceptional standard.

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